Building along the Front Range has always been a challenge due to expansive soils, which impact every type of foundation. Structural basement floors were unheard of in 1998, when Jonathan Williams was building a custom home to be showcased in the Denver Parade of Homes. However, the need to install a unique type of structural floor became necessary, and as a result a patented floor system was created. FloR System’s first product was the early version of what is called T Span, an EPS formed and insulated, structural floor system utilizing a ribbed or “T-beam” structure.

Initially, FloR Systems started as a technology company and their products were sold to builders. However, it become apparent that if it were to be installed properly, they would need to offer “turn-key” service as well. They started working with custom and semi-custom builders, and then gradually worked their way into production housing. This technology was immediately recognized as an efficient way to manage the risk of building homes on expansive soil. Today, their products can be seen in various sectors of the building and construction industry.

FloR Systems is committed to designing and installing the highest quality T Span and V Deck floors of steel and concrete and have a long history of installing 2-way reinforced slabs for the construction industry. It’s their goal to help builders solve their issues with expansive soils by integrating new technologies and efficient use of resources and products that contribute to a healthy environment – both inside and outside the home.

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